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Petit Bakery Co. Gluten Free Fusion Patisserie

Meet Mochi Patisserie.

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Petit Bakery Co. is the home of the original Mochi Madeleines and innovator of Mochi Cupcakes.

We use the Asian mochi rice, combined it with French madeleines or American cupcakes and created something new... small bites of fusion delights!


Gluten-Free 2.0

Our treats are naturally wheat and gluten-free, so more people can enjoy them together.

We use California-grown sweet rice flour exclusively and make our pastries modestly sweet.

No funny starches or stabilizers, no excess sugar, premium ingredients only.

The best-tasting mochi pastries you'll encounter.


Diverse & Inclusive FlavorS

Make the World a Tastier Place.

Dulce de leche, matcha & black sesame, vietnamese coffee, smoked paprika chocolate...

We infuse our pastries with world flavors and create sweet little moments of edible wanderlust.


In Good Company

Gather around the table and share some good food in good company.

Join the Petit Bakery Co. community and share your moments of fusion delights: #PetitBakeryCo


Premium, Fresh & Local Ingredients

Great-tasting patisserie made with thoughtfully-chosen ingredients

 Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

Organic Butter

Happy cows, happy dairy. Our products are made with organic butter. No margarine, no hydrogenated vegetable oil or shortening. just pure, rich, natural, delicious butter.

 Photo by Melody Hu

Organic Eggs

While the cost for organic or pasture-raised eggs are higher than that of conventional eggs, we believe that better farming and happy hens are worth the extra price. All eggs are fresh and hand-cracked to make our pastries.

 Photo by Melody Hu

California-Grown Sweet Rice Flour

Our baked goods are naturally wheat and gluten-free. We're proud to use California's family-owned Koda Farms "Mochiko" sweet rice flour. We love their sustainable farming philosophy and their strive for the highest quality, not to mention supporting a family business.


"Mama Mia, Mochi Madeleines!"


"A completely amazing mochi cupcake experience, it's a moment."


"I never liked gluten-free cakes, they're usually dry and flaky. These are chewy and moist, I would eat them again and again!"


"I love the different world flavors, feels like eating around the world on a plate."


"Finally a pastry that caters to different allergies and that TASTES AWESOME!"


Events & Custom Favors

Let us bring some sweetness to your next social event!*


Corporate Events. Business Meetings. Office Pop-Ups. Holiday Parties.

Weddings. Bridal and Baby Showers. Birthday Parties.


We love creating special orders with unique flavors and customized favors for your events.

All our products are gluten-free and nut-free, vegan options available upon request.


Let the magic happen!


* Delivery and pick-up services currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area


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